Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My sister is a resourceful woman. Self reliant, courageous, undaunted by the considerable obstacles life has placed in her way, she soldiers on, dealing with the road conditions as they arise. Many years ago, the road offered up a tiger snake, right there in front of her. She tackled the situation bluntly and without hesitation, bludgeoning the snake till it lay dead at her feet. She saw this as something of a rite of passage; her first close encounter with a serpent and she came out a winner. Proud of her victory, she put the body into the boot of her car, as evidence of the battle. At home she opened the boot and lifted the snake out onto the driveway, then went to gather her family to show off her triumph. As they hurried out side they were just in time to see the snake disappearing into the shrubbery, battered but not yet beaten.

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  1. Ahhhh. now i understand the spider analogy. haha. east gippsland zombies.